Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission


Name Title Telephone Number
Aaron Lowry Web Publisher 819-997-6201(cell)
Abder Rahman El Fatihi Manager 819-953-3662
Abdul-Karim Farhat (!) Intelligence Systems Dev 819-635-8612
Adam Balkovec Legal Counsel 613-854-6182
Adam Mills Senior Analyst 819-997-4574
Aditya Ramachandran (!) Legal Counsel 613-853-3207
Adrian Lippert Enforcement Officer 819-997-9362
Ahmed Waberi Contractor 819-997-4855
Aïda Youssouf Salary and Reporting Officer 819-934-6349
Alain Garneau Director, Telecommunications Enforcement 819-997-6143
Alain-Denis Bastien Director, Strategic Human Resources Team 613-299-1212
Alastair Stewart (!) Senior Legal Counsel 819-997-5294
Albert Xie Junior Engineer 819-997-4607
Alex Deane Clerk 819-953-4717
Alexander Ly Legal Counsel 613-608-8368
Alexandra Dubie (!) Student 819-635-6727
Alexandre Soulière (!) HR Project Officer 819-953-7159
Alexandre Marleau Student - Programmer 873-353-2296
Alexanne Patry Public Hearing Officer 819-997-4295(cell)
Alexei Thérien (!) Student 819-997-1027
Alexis Dusonchet Senior Enforcement Officer 819-997-4438
Allison McLean Analyst 819-635-8099
Alyssa Piché Analyst, Canadian Program Certification 819-997-5225
Amélie Lavigne (!) Articling Student 819-997-4688(cell)
Amina Ali Ismael Ownership Officer 819-934-4726
Amir Korhani (!) Articling Student 819-000-0000
Amy Hanley Chief of staff 819-953-7912
Amy Park (!) Manager, Network Technology 819-271-6239
André Grégoire Manager 819-953-6972
Andrea Koschade (!) Contractor 819-635-8257(cell)
Andrea Mullin (!) Administrative Officer (Toronto) 416-954-6271
Andréanne Myner Public Hearings Coordinator 819-997-6785
Andrée Prud'homme Casual (HR Project Assistant) 873-353-2429
Andrew McMillan (!) Procurement and Contracting Officer 819-997-4267
Andrew Falcone Senior Manager 819-997-4400
Angie Blakeney Analyst 819-639-3173
Anita Laure Segla Procurement and Contracting Officer 819-953-9462
Ann Zach Senior Classification Officer 819-997-4716
Anne Castelino Senior Analyst 819-639-3483(cell)
Anne Brodeur Radio Analyst 819-997-5311
Annie Croteau (!) ATIP Analyst 819-639-3172cell)
Annie Laflamme (!) Director, Radio Policy and Applications 819-994-1752
Antica Corner Senior Analyst 819-997-1334(cell)
Aouled-Nasteh Djama Analyst (Student) 819-997-0315
April Stoker (!) Enforcement Officer 819-934-5906
April Gougeon (!) Senior Enforcement Officer 819-997-4438
Ariane Blondin Information Officer 819-997-9412
Ashkan Rahmani Enforcement Officer 819-934-5906(cell)
Aspa Kotsopoulos (!) Senior Analyst 819-953-2195
Barbara Gray Library Technician 819-997-4499