Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario


Name Title Telephone Number
Abdallah Karsiem Economic Development Officer 519-497-7369
Adam Flores A/Economic Development Officer 647-624-1538
Aditi Pandey Administrative Assistant 416-973-7248
Alain Beaulieu Senior Policy Analyst 613-218-1521
Alain Beaudoin VP, Policy, Partnership and Performance Management 613-941-2479
Alana Ruckstuhl (!) A/Program Analyst 519-497-4156
Alazhar Sisay Junior Finance Officer 519-404-8842
Alex Sirianni A/Manager, Program Delivery 416-952-2936
Alexia Touralias (!) A/Vice President, Business, Innovation and Community Development 416-723-8924
Alexia Touralias Director General, Infrastructure and Business Development 416-723-8924
Alia Wally
Alishau Diebold (!) A/Administrative Services Officer 519-497-0734
Alison Barclay Development Officer 515-404-3964
Alison Van Hinte Manager, Investing in Commercialization Partnerships 226-220-8362
Allison Watson Senior Communications Advisor 519-339-3891
Alyssa Kueneman Communications Officer 519-404-4314
Alyssa Kueneman A/Communications Officer 519-404-4341
Amanda Caputo (!) IM Analyst 519-404-5238
Amanda Vernon Data Analysis and Systems Coordinator 519-404-3065
Amanda Wouters (!) Senior Policy Analyst 416-262-0602
Amandeep Gogia (!) IT Analyst 519-404-2585
Amy McFadden Economic Development Officer 705-313-1034
Andrea Smart Human Resources Generalist Advisor 519-497-1019
Andrea Spraakman (!) Policy Analyst 819-743-0409
Ann Zach (!) Records Management Clerk 519-497-4268
Anne Baytaluk Administrative Coordinator 613-960-7098
Anne Van Dusen Director General 613-960-6154
Annie Cuerrier (!) Director General 416-973-5958
Annie Frenette Administrative Assistant 613-716-3801
Ann-Marie Kelleher Economic Development Officer 705-313-5157
Anoop Kapoor Director General, Strategic Policy 613-960-8944
Anthony Simon Development Officer 519-404-6862
Arabella Olomide (!) Executive Assistant 416-973-5957
Arturo Hernandez (!) Information Officer 416-775-3478
Audrey Kingsbury A/Senior Human Resources Advisor 519-404-5283
Beth Popplow Director, Human Resources 226-929-0390
Bill Blomstrom (!) OTH 416-775-3480
Bill Bunker Business Case Analyst 416-952-4614
Bobby-Jo Peebles A/Development Officer 519-404-2559
Bohdana Dutka Director, Planning & Reporting 780-495-8777
Bohdana Dutka Director General 613-960-6154
Bonnie Fox Claim Verification Officer 226-929-7394
Brad Whelan Business Development Officer 519-404-6617
Bradley Bishop (!) Communications Officer 226-220-7482
Brendan Johnson
Brent Court A/Director, Business Development 647-262-6201
Brian Chenier Finance Officer 519-404-3574
Brigette Farmer Senior Human Resources Advisor 519-404-0259
Brigette Farmer
Carla Pagliarello (!) Senior Advisor to the President 613-954-3466