National Film Board of Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Alexandre Gonthier Head Financial Operations 514-793-7958
Alicia Smith Producer 204-983-7996
André Picard Senior Director Financing and Business Development 514-283-9035
Anne-Claire Lefaivre Director, Marketing and Audience Development 514-653-8228
Annette Clarke Executive Producer, Quebec Centre/Atlantic Centre 709-763-0425
April Dunsmore Production Coordinator 204-983-0936
Aubry Dominique Director Business Affaires and Legal Services 514-618-9234
Audrey Rétho Production Coordinator, Acadia 506-851-6105
Bonnie Thompson Producer 780-495-5453
Bree Beach Centre Administrator 780-224-4547
Bruno Gervasi Director, Information Technology & Infrastructure 514-820-6850
Camille McInnis Advisor Departemental Security Health and Safety 438-993-9128
Claude Brien Head Technical Resources (Conservation) 514-531-9193
Claude Joli-Coeur Chairperson and Government Film Commissioner 514-285-9244
Colette Allain (2017) Production Coordinator, Acadia 506-851-6105
Cynthia Miller Manager Human resources and Employee relations 514-299-2706
Dana Dansereau Producer 604-666-8617
Darin Clausen Centre Operations Manager 780-224-2975
David Christensen Executive Producer, North-West Centre 780-495-3015
Esther Viragh Production Supervisor 780-224-3645
Faye Yoneda Production Coordinator 780-224-4979
François Tremblay Director General, Human Resources, Legal and Corporate Affairs 438-938-3670
Geneviève Duguay Studio Administrator 506-851-6103
Ginette D'Silva Production Coordinator 780-224-4798
Heller Joanne Director of Finances 514-206-1247
Jac Gautreau Producer, Acadia 506-851-6104
James Roberts Director, Strategic Planning 604-666-3830
Janine Steele Digital Operations and Production Manager 604-666-5454
Jennifer Roworth Centre Administrator 604-666-5514
Jeremy Mendes Art Director 604-666-8682
Jérôme Dufour Director General, Distribution, Communications and Marketing 438-402-7332
Jimmy Fournier Director Research and Development 514-653-3306
Johanne Willis Financial Analyst 438-990-5751
Johanne Heller Director, Finances 514-206-1247
Johanne Gauthier Head, Ent. Arch&Syst. Evolutio 514-512-7708
John Christou Director Operations English Programs 514-217-0739
Jon Montes Producer 204-983-5852
Julie Huguet 514-603-9256
Julie Laperrière Director Technical Resources 438-401-6472
Kathleen Jayme Production Coordinator 604-666-5554
Kathryn Lynch Production Supervisor 604-666-1153
Kelly Davis Senior Production Coordinator 709-351-0158
Laura Heino Supervisor of Material Resources and Accomodations 514-475-4059
Laura Mitchell Project Manager, Digital 604-666-9739
Leslie Stafford Marketing Manager 204-983-0140
Lily Robert Director of Communications and public Affairs 514-296-8261
Loc Dao Chief Digital Officer 604-666-1151
Luisa Frate Director General, Finance, Operations and Technology 514-824-9035
Marco Girouard IT Security Coord. & Infr Spec 514-992-4020
Marie-Claude Mentor Senior Advisor, Governance and Corporate Secretary 514-443-0450
Marie-Claude Delarue Manager Centre of Expertise and human Resources 438-401-8578
Marie-Josée Drouin (2020) Director, Information Management 438-990-6386
Mark Power (2017) Production Supervisor 780-495-3012
Mathieu Rossier Systems Analyst 438-988-6073
Mélanie Bonenfant Assistant Commissioner's office 438-992-6620
Michèle Bélanger (2020) Executive Director, Programming and Production, French Program 514-241-9251
Michelle van Beusekom (2020) Executive Director, Programming and Production, English Program 514-242-0376
Mireille Reboud Head Planification and Budget Analysis 514-465-2763
Nathalie Bourdon Director of Distribution and market Development 514-995-0095
Nicholas Klassen Producer 604-666-8152
Nicole Périat Librarian, Archivist 514-232-6552
Paul McNeil Producer 902-402-1794
Pierre Pilote Head, Computer Support 514-239-4076
Pierre Ferlatte Head Technical Resources (Coordination and Duplication) 514-219-9662
René Bourdages (2020) Director General, Creation and Innovation 416-902-7280
Roslyn Power Production Supervisor 902-401-4381
Sarah Gignac Production Coordinator 902-402-9537
Selwyn Jacob Producer 604-666-7761
Shirley Vercruysse Executive Producer, Pacific and Yukon Centre 604-666-3411
Stacey Sellars Digital Production Coordinator 604-666-2683
Stéphanie L'Écuyer Director of Operations French Programs 514-283-5151
Steve Hallé Head Technical Resources (sound and digital processing) 514-212-2099
Sylvain Desbiens Head Technical Resources (Imaging) 514-502-7627
Sylvie Mantha Accommodations and Telecommunications Officer 514-209-1449
Teri Snelgrove Associate Producer 604-666-8300
Vanessa Larsen (2016) Production Coordinator 902-401-6794
Vincent McCurley Developer Designer - Digital Platform 604-666-8954
Wes Machnikowski Coordinator, Technical Services 604-666-8774