Adrian Cutler

Adrian Cutler works as Research Officer for National Research Council Canada.
Adrian can be reached at 306-975-5581

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Research Officer
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[email protected]
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National Research Council Canada
Aquatic and Crop Resource Development
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Adrian Cutler's team

Adrian Cabral Research Associate 306-975-5248
Adriana Catalli Technical Officer Molecular Cellular Imm 902-566-7557
Alain Corriveau Technical Officer ENV ANALY CH 514-496-2541
Aleksander Patrzykat Director, Research and Development 902-426-4080 1411 Oxford Street
Alfred Leung Research Officer 514-496-6270
Alison Ferrie Team Leader, Applied Genomics 306-975-5993
Allan Feurtado Research Officer 306-975-5567
Andrea Todd Technical Officer 306-975-6502
Angela Dickinson Administrative Assistant to DG 902-426-7494
Anja Vogt Research Officer 902-367-3938
Barb Mitchell Administrative Assistant, Research 902-367-7545
Bianyun Yu Research Officer Plant Molecular Genetic 306-975-5256
Bob Richards TO, Marine Biochem and Molecular Biology 902-868-2046
Brenda Haug Technical Officer Gene Expression 306-975-5245
Brittany Polley Plant Molecular Biology Technician 306-975-5252
Camilo Martinez-Farina Tech Officer, Natural Products Chemistry 902-407-8271
Carla Barber TO, Plant Natural Products 306-975-5495
Carrie Miller Project Coordinator - Wheat
Catherine Kozera Team Leader, Algal Genomics 902-426-3687
Catherine French Administrative Assistant 111-111-1111
Cheryl Bock Technical Officer 306-975-5562
Cheryl Craft Natural Products Technical Officer 902-426-5744
Christine Sidebottom TO, CDNA Library Synthesis Specialist 306-975-6590
Claude Arab Administrative Assistant 514-283-2971
Colleen Murphy TO, Molecular Biology and Genomics 902-426-8495
Daoquan Xiang Research Officer, Molecular & Developmen 306-975-5580
Darrin Klassen Team Leader, Nucleic Acid Solutions 306-975-5077
Dauenpen Meesapyodsuk Technical Officer, Lipid Biotechnology 306-975-5248
David Taylor Group Leader, RO Lipid Biotechnology 306-975-5268
Debbie Naylor Administrative Assistant 902-426-7494

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