Parole Board of Canada

Organization Structure



Name Title Telephone Number
Adrienne Frandsen Case Review Officer 613-384-2958
Agnes Levesque (!) A/ Senior Counsel 613-954-2331
Alain Morais (!) Chief of Staff 613-000-0000
Alain Léonard (!) Business System Administrator 613-954-7485
Alannah Ward Record Suspension Officer 613-943-5418
Alex Tosh Manager, Regional Corporate Services 613-384-9586
Alex Weir Senior Statistical Analyst 613-954-2305
Alexandra Robitaille (!) Project Support Officer 613-957-6919
Alexandra Warren Project Support Officer 613-954-5911
Alexandre Friesen Acting Case Review Officer 306-975-5625
Alexandre Lavoie Administrative Assistant, Clemency & Record Suspension 613-954-6120
Alison Kolbeck (!) Case Review Officer 604-870-6125
Alison Young Hearing Officer 613-384-9443
Allan Cox Training Project Officer 613-960-2093
Allison John Record Suspension Officer
Amanda MacKinnon Hearing Officer 604-870-2632
Amelia Lamont Senior Business Analyst 613-952-8214
Amélie Brisebois (!) A/Director, Record Suspension Program 613-954-5973
Amy Wood Regional Communications Officer 306-975-5017
Andrea Heyworth Financial Officer 604-870-2643
Andrea Grills Manager for Conditional Release Operations 613-954-7448
Andrea Asbil Senior Communications Officer 613-960-0151
Angie Goguen Coordinator, Board Member Services 506-851-2140
Anita Mills Hearing Officer 613-384-8785
Anita Carifelle (!) Coordinator, Member Services 780-495-5355
Anna Wallace Hearing Officer 780-495-4563
Anna Grace Training Project Officer 613-957-0756
Anne Agnew (!) Records Suspension Officer 613-941-4987
Anne Desmarteaux Human Ressources Assistant 613-954-7130
Anne Tshiamala Record Suspension Clerk
Annick Lafave (!) Strategic Planning Analyst 613-954-5389
Antoine Zeinoun Record Suspension Officer 613-957-1030
Aurelie Dahoo (!) Clerk 613-954-6139
Barb Beacon (!) Senior Case Review Officer 604-870-2460
Barb Kingdon Acting Case Review Officer 306-975-5969
Barb McConnell Case and Subject Records Clerk 604-870-6864
Barbara Sowa Record Suspension Officer 613-941-4986
Barbara Newcomb Regional Communications Assistant 306-975-4232
Benoit Lamarche (!) A/Director 613-954-5944
Benoit Perreault Physical & Personnel Security Officer 613-954-0158
BERTRAND NEABO Raymond Financial Specialist
Bev Thomson Case and Subject Records Clerk 306-975-5047
Bev Barr (!) Informatics Systems Officer 613-384-5594
Bonnie Schwartz Acting Hearing Officer 306-975-5959
Boris Kulusic Case Review Clerk 780-442-6819
Brandy Deol (!) A/Case Review Officer 604-870-2678
Brenda Caissie A/Case Review Officer 506-851-3187
Brenda Gavel Case Review Officer 613-384-3299
Brian Bender (!) Manager, Record Suspension Program 613-954-5976
Bridget Anderson Record Suspension Officer