Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Secretariat


Name Title Telephone Number
Akivah Starkman Executive Director
Amy Newton IAP Support Officer 819-934-0187
Ana Dursun Social Policy Officer 819-639-8136
Angela McKerral Sr Analyst & Team Leade 604-666-6767
Angelique Everitt Consultant 613-277-3493
Anna Perelygin Social Policy Officer 604-363-6768
Anne Gagne Financial Advisor 819-934-0103
August Claxton Analyst 604-363-7390
Brika Steinberg Manager, Completion Management 306-501-6706
Christina Caplette
Dami Olatidoye (!) Program Clerk 306-502-2689
Daniel Shapiro 306-
Eric Lefebvre Communications Officer 819-934-1197
Francois Morin Administrative Clerk 819-639-0766
Gurpreet Seehra
Haley Lewis 306-502-5183
Heather Goss (!) Administrative Clerk 306-501-4838
Irene Bigeau Manager, Scheduling and Expert Assesment Unit 306-501-3451
Jack Wong Manager, Admissions 604-666-6980
Jessica Raposo-Sa Human Ressources Officer 819-635-7655
Jessica Magnan Clerical Support 819-934-1456
Kaija Thom (!)
Kasandra Labonte Administrative Assistant 819-934-0856
Kathryn Lemieux Training and Learning Coodinator 819-635-6352
Kermit Furlow
Khadim Niang (!)
Kristin Mensch Administrative Officer 819-639-0827
Krystal Springer Chief Adjudicator Executive Assistant 306-790-4806
Lana Fitzpatrick (!) Hearings Management Officer 306-502-3048
Lorie Bischop (!) Administrative Assistant 306-501-0542
Lucie Wilson Sr Executive Assistant 819-934-1432
Lyne Lamoureux Human Resources and Administrative Services Facilitator 819-576-2542
Martine Pichette Project Leader Information Management 819-934-0273
Martine Gravelle Director, Strategic Planning and Performance Management 819-934-0106
Matthew Sham Administrative Clerk 306-502-5191
Matthew de Villiers Admissions Analyst 604-671-5943
Michael Tansey Sr Communications Officer 613-487-3765
Michael Magnus Information Technology Consultant 306-501-6182
Michelle Nelson Administrative Officer 778-938-6125
Myriane Prévost-Berrouard Administrative Assistant 819-639-6917
Pamela Riseborough
Russell Vallee Head, Integrated Planning 604-329-6743
Ryan Gorzalczynski (!)
Sandra Taylor Program Assistant 819-934-0104
Santina Vendra Sr Program Manager 819-994-5136
Scott Workman Project Leader 819-576-3907
Sheila Honoré Manager, BPMR 819-934-1175
Shelley Trevethan Executive Director 819-934-0318
Surley Londono Montoya (!) Post Hearing Clerk 306-502-0316
Tatiana Kolela Administrative Assistant 819-994-5705