Canadian Museum of History


Name Title Telephone Number
Adèle Rodrigue Special Events Coordinator 819-776-7166
Adil Wardani (!) Security Services 819-776-8400
Alain Rose (!) Security Services 819-776-8400
Alain Simard Acquisitions and Documentation Officer 819-776-8663
Alain Galipeau Clerk-Mail Services-Photocopy 819-776-8219
Alain Proulx Head, Architectural 819-776-7140
Alan Elder Manager, First Peoples and Early Canada 819-776-8190
Alena Klimava Project Manager, Architectural Technology 819-776-7180
Alison Smith-Welsh Exhibit Display Preparator 819-776-7191
Amalie Muncaster Operations Clerk 819-776-8512
Amanda Gould Paper and Archival Materials Conservator 819-776-8443
Andréa D'Agostino (!) Manager, Client Services 819-776-8254
Andrew Burtch (!) Museum Historian, CWM (Post-1945) 819-776-8615
Andrew Burtch Museum Historian, Post-1945 819-776-8615
Anita Nugu (!) Senior Purchasing Officer 819-776-8196
Ann Rae Collections Coordinator 819-776-8482
Anne Malette Materials Assistant 819-776-8218
Anne Macdonnell Conservator, Paper 819-776-8665
Anneh Fletcher (!) Research Assistant 819-776-8508
Anneh Fletcher Researcher 819-776-8508
Anne-Marie Raymond Advisor, Strategic Initiatives 819-776-8310
Annie Lavergne (!) Team Leader and Ticketing Administrator 819-776-8446
Annie Benoît Human Resources Assistant, Staffing 819-776-8227
Annie Laflamme KE System Administrator 819-776-7054
Annie Lavergne Accounting Clerk 819-776-8475
April Tessier Acquisitions and Loans Coordinator 819-776-8469
Arlene Doucette Collections Specialist, Dress and Insignia 819-776-8645
Aryeh Stegenga Writer / Researcher, Sponsorship and Major Gifts 819-776-8277
Ashlee Beattie Training Coordinator 819-776-8679
Avra Gibbs-Lamey Senior Communications Officer and Media Relations Officer, CWM 819-776-8607
Benoit Charron Team Leader, Client Services 819-776-8186
Benoit Thériault Collections Information Specialist - Archives, CMH 819-776-8431
Benoit Martineau Administrative Assistant 819-776-8544
Benoit Gelinas (!) Special Events and Media Coordinator at CWM 819-776-8390
Benoit Henry Team Leader, Client Services 819-776-8186
Bianca Lefebvre Coordinator, Office of the President and CEO 819-776-8243
Bianca Gendreau Manager, Contemporary Canada and the World 819-776-8483
Bill Moore (!) Director, Project Management and Technical Services 819-776-8319
Bill Sibbit Facilities Project Technologist 819-776-8325
Bill Carman (!) Manager, Publishing and Corporate Products 819-776-8386
Bill Moore Director, Planning and Canadian History Hall (CHH) Development 819-776-8319
Brigitte Hamon Manager, Creative Development 819-776-8413
Brigitte Lafond Supr., Information Management 819-776-7151
Brigitte Beaulne-Syp Program Officer, VMC 819-776-8284
Britt Braaten (!) Learning Specialist 819-776-8694
Bronwen Dearlove (!) Major Gifts Officer 819-776-8687
Byron Croes-Lacroix (!) Web Quality Assurance Analyst / QA Front-End Developer 819-776-8313
Carissa Hadwen (!) Training Specialist 819-776-7197
Carl St-Jacques Project Manager IT 819-776-8199
Carla Baggio Training Specialist 819-776-8287