Andrew Sachrajda

Andrew Sachrajda works as Research Officer for National Research Council Canada.
Andrew can be reached at 613-866-2911

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Research Officer
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[email protected]
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National Research Council Canada
Security and Disruptive Technologies
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Andrew Sachrajda's team

Aaron Goldberg Research Associate
Adrian Pegoraro 613-993-1288
Adrian Singer Coop
Adriana Bedoya Values & Ethics Officer 613-949-8681
Aimee Gunther Theme Lead, Quantum Photonics
Alan Steele DG Metrology Research Centre 613-993-9384
Alan Godfrey
Albert Stolow 613-993-7388
Aleksey Korobenko
Alex Bogan Research Council Officer
Alison Wu (2019) Student
Aminata Aidara Administrative Assistant
Andre Staudte Group Leader, Attosecond 613-993-7028
André Staudte (2021) Research Officer, Attosecond 613-993-7028
Andrei Naumov Research Council Officer 613-991-4185
Andrew Ridsdale Technical Officer 613-993-7537 100 Sussex Drive
Andrey Boguslavskiy (2019) 613-998-9468
Andy Sachrajda (2018) Group Leader, Quantum Physics Group 613-866-2911
Anja Roder 613-990-0143
Aotian Li (2023) Research Council Officer
Arnold Kell Research Officer, Surface Modification 613-990-7308
Arnold Gaertner Research Officer 613-993-9344
Ashish Sapkota (2020)
Ashley Elgersma Student
Ben Barocsi (2020) 613-993-8035
Benjamin Sussman Group Leader, Ultrafast Quantum Photonic 613-991-6888 100 Sussex Drive
Benoit Simard (2023) Research Officer 613-990-0977
Bert Avery (2018) Technical Officer 613-993-7384
Bhavana Deore Research Officer 613-949-3057 100 Sussex Drive
Bryan Richards Machinist / Millwright 613-223-8662 1920 Research Road
Chandre Dharma-wardana 613-993-9393
Chang Guo (2022) Research Associate 613-991-9719
Chantal Paquet Group Leader, Additive Materials 613-993-7830
Charles Yang (2020) Student
Christa Homenick Research Officer 613-991-3845 100 Sussex Drive
Christoff Reimer Student
Christopher Kingston Group Leader, Nanocomposites 613-990-0920 1200 Montreal Road
Christopher Ratcliffe 613-991-1240
Chu Yang Li Coop Student
ChunMei Zhang

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