Canadian Museum for Human Rights


Name Title Telephone Number
Aaron Cohen Digital Media Producer 204-289-2125
Aaron Janzen (!) Financial Analyst 204-289-2031
Adam Campbell Senior IT Systems Support Analyst 204-289-2082
Adrienne Janz Box Office Agent 204-289-2000
Alain Bouchard Manager, Program Delivery and Services 204-289-2246
Alec Ruest (!) Team Lead, Visitor Services 204-289-2237
Alex Merrill Interpretive Writer/Editor 204-289-2240
Alex Boily-Bernal Box Office Agent 204-289-2000 x_____
Alexandra Fontaine (!) Aboriginal Program Guide 204-289-2236
Alexandra Moreau Box Office Agent
Alice Lefevre (!) National Student Program Coordinator 204-289-2254
Alison Mayes (!) Interpretive Writer/Editor 204-289-2240
Alison Black Indigenous Program Guide 204-289-2237 x_____
Allan Sibley (!) Exhibits Developer 204-289-2242
Allison Poppel (!) Host 204-289-2237
Amanda Linden Corporate Records Officer 204-289-2133
Amardeep Gill IT Systems Support Analyst 204-289-2085
Amarjit Singh IT Systems Support Analyst 204-289-2083
Amber Parker Interpretive Program Developer 204-289-2050Â
André Péloquin-Hopfner Program Interpreter 204-289-2236
André Ilunga Host 204-289-2237 x_____
Andrée Forest Executive Assistant to the VP, Public Affairs and Programs 204-289-2123
Angela Kuhnle (!) Interpretive Guide 204-289-2236
Angela Cassie Vice-President, Public Affairs and Programs 204-289-2110
Angeliki Bogiatji Interpretive Program Developer 204-289-2236
Anja Studer Project Manager, Exhibitions 204-289-2044
Anna-Laure Koop (!) Interpretive Program Developer 204-289-2236
Annie Guzman Interpretive Guide 204-289-2237
Annike Everhardus Host
Anusha Payagalage (!) Visitor Service Agent 204-289-2236
Arielle Roy-Morier (!) Interpretive Guide 204-289-2246
Arielle Vicklund Host 204-289-2237
Armando Perla Researcher-Curator 204-289-2064
Ashley Kowalchuk (!) Interpretive Guide 204-289-2246
Aston Coles Exhibits Specialist 204-289-2177
Ayari Madrid (!) Host 204-289-2237
Barbara Perreault Membership and Sponsorship Manager 204-289-2231
Benjamin Bergman Interactive Developer 204-289-2077 x_____
Benoît Morham (!) Host 204-289-2237
Bernadette Matabishi Faida (!) Receptionist 204-289-2000
Bernadette Klowak Protection Officer 204-289-2299
Bernie Verreautt (!) Protection Officer 204-289-2299
Bernie Verreault Security Operations Supervisor 204-289-2095
Brian Marsh Senior IT Systems Support Analyst 204-289-2083
Brian Beaver Systems and Compliance Support
Brigitte Savard Program Interpreter 204-289-2236
Brigitte Dedieu Interpretive Guide 204-289-2237
Brodie Sanderson Exhibition Project Coordinator 204-289-2042
Brooke Hartford Interpretive Guide 204-289-2237
Bruce Garvie (!) Manager, special Events & Facility Rentals 204-289-2233